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The Film

Uncovering A Nation’s Dairy Disaster

Maa Ka Doodh: Uncovering A Nation’s Dairy Disaster is an investigative feature-length documentary film about the untold stories behind the success of India’s White Revolution – The World’s Largest Dairy Production and Development Campaign; along with the ethical, cultural, environmental, religious, economic and political influences the consumption of dairy in India has created since millennia. The film also uncovers how India became one of the largest exporters of beef in the world and investigates the impact it has on modern-day India’s socio-economic and political disturbances with the aim of finding sustainable and ethical solutions.

About The  Director

Dr Harsha Atmakuri is a general physician turned animal rights activist. He came to know about veganism when he was working as a medical writer; and as soon as he turned vegan, he began participating in various animal rights awareness campaigns such as public outreaches, lectures, etc. To make the reach wider he began making videos for Facebook and YouTube. As time went on, he decided to quit his job to become a full-time animal rights activist and pursue an investigative journey to make a film about India’s dairy industry to verify and confirm the facts about India’s dairy and beef industry. This is his first feature film project. The motivation for this project came from his spiritual dharma to raise awareness of animal rights issues among his fellow citizens.

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Empathy Films

Empathy Films LLP is a film production company with an underlying philosophy to produce films and other media-related projects to encourage and promote a cruelty-free, sustainable and compassionate society. Maa Ka Doodh is its first production.

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Directors Statement

When I found out India has been one of the largest exporters of beef in the world, I was stunned. The perception I – and many Indians like me – always had growing up was that the vast majority of Indians were against beef, but this perception, as I realized, was contradicting the truth. The question, “how did we get here?” didn’t leave my mind. This triggered me to set out to find out how we became one of the largest beef exporters in the world. From the day I initiated this project, and up until its completion, this film has been awakening me.

I urge all the viewers of this film to experience first-hand the truths I have encountered and uncovered in this journey. This film would then serve as a stepping stone for those who wish to spread compassion in our world and bring justice to animals and humans alike.

About The Film

A doctor turned documentarian, quits his job and embarks on an investigative journey across India to find out if there is indeed a link between the nation’s massive dairy consumption and its beef exports. Through an extensive series of interviews, he uncovers the truth of the dairy business and puts forth a compelling case for sustainable and ethical solutions to address the dairy disaster.

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